About Me

If you have come thus far, then I appreciate the fact that you would be keen enough to know who is behind One Day You May.

The concept of One Day You May is a thought, a dream, a vision, a goal that we hold on to irrespective of the current direction of our life and the battles we fight every day. One Day You May allows us to hold on to that one thought or vision or goal that allows us to be who we are meant to be.

I fancy writing as and when I think there are thoughts or feelings that can trouble me enough for them to be penned into words.

I am a complete novice, however I think it would be safe to say that anyone who writes whether as a hobby or is a pro at it, wants his or her work to be appreciated and recognized. It gives you a HIGH like none else, not even my usual scotch on the ROCKS.

Most of what you would read on the blog are poems that are about Life, Love, Struggles, Death and everything in between.

Some of them might depress you, some of them might motivate you, some of them might make you smile, and maybe just maybe, some end up bring a tear or two in your eyes.

All is fair as long as it is able to evoke at least one of these emotions within you while you read them through, if that is achieved then I would consider it to be a good read.

So if it is worth your time, read through some of my Thoughts & Poems and let me know if they were any good.

You can always share your thoughts with me at – aakash.kapoor@onedayyoumay.com

Cheers to Life
Cheers to everyone who has a dream and continues to say to themselves “One Day You May”

Respect & Regards,
Aakash Kapoor.

This is Me & Pangong Tso (Pangong Lake)

Me & Pangong