Ibn Batuta


Ibn Batuta was a Medieval Moroccan Muslim traveler and scholar, who is widely recognized as one of the greatest travelers of all time. He is known for his extensive travels, accounts of which were published in the Rihla. Over a period of thirty years, Ibn Batuta visited most of the known Islamic world as well as many non-Muslim lands. His journeys included trips to North Africa, West Africa, Middle East, South Asia, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, and China.

The greatest aspect of Ibn Batuta’s character was that he kept  to himself as if silence was his best friend.

Title – Ibn Batuta

On a journey to nowhere significant,
He wondered where the magical stone lay,
Of devious merchants and rare rubies that he had heard,
And Of mysterious seas & lands that they had searched.
The ship sailed along for days,
In stormy weather and thunderous seas,
The mast held high never froze against the most violent breeze.
He lasted many yonder,
And created a lot of wonder,
Among Friends and Family and Foes,
They asked about why he was pushing himself against battle bound shores.
He was written about a moment ago,
And thought about as we seek,
Ibn Batuta the great traveler,
Little did he speak.

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