Not a Journey of a Lifetime, A journey where I met LIFE


Today I am sharing another aspect of my life on this web space. 

I am a self proclaimed travel buff, travel single handed is now where i find life’s solace, is where i discover and rediscover my life, is where i receive new insights about who I am and what my purpose is.

Now one may want to debate saying all of the above does not require you to travel, it requires you to introspect yourself and you would be there. I am no one to doubt that, however this is my perception and the way I feel about my life, hence the post.

Rant Complete ūüôā

Recently I covered Srinagar-Leh-Ladakh with a group of strangers who remain so only for the first few hours. Post that the unknown became the known and together we explored the unexplored.

The versatility of the group was such that you had pretty teens in their early 20’s to rock star parents all part of one group travelling and exploring together.¬†

A brief description on who I met:-

I- Two pretty teen girls whom I found to have a zest for life like none other. Confidently poised to rule the world in days to come, as matured as their age can allow them to be, as witty as their age wants them to be, always smiling, always goofing around, pro photographers, and did not miss a chance to play a prank on me that left me both dumb and numb for quite some time. Though they both live in different cities and so do I, I now consider them as “My pretty teens”

A side note to this would be an addition of an overtly hyperactive young lad who did not let me sleep for the first few days on the trip due to a malfunction on his mobile phone, equally fun (mostly because he gave people opportunities to take a jibe at him), cryptic in nature, would do stuff to really rub people off the wrong way but always had a comeback that made people smile.

II-Childhood friends turned married partners that clearly were still childhood friends and did not come of age. I fondly called them Biker Stud & Biker Babe, because they together completed a journey through a 160 Km stretch on Royal En field much like a royal couple. The man in question is someone that I have grown to now consider a brother, and the woman in question had child like innocence which could turn any sad face into a smiling one. Caring, Loving, Innocent yet matured, living life on their own terms kind of a couple. My grand salute to their bonding and may it grow only stronger from hereon.

III-Another married couple that I fondly called Daring Mom & Cool Dad, this couple was a living example of how a relationship grows stronger with time and also how parents could be equally fun to have around especially because their child was a part of our travelers group as well. The man in question was a Desi Stud and the woman in question was as daring as one could be, climbing mountains, partaking in activities such as Truth & Dare and Never Have I ever, as caring and at the same time as fun as one could be.

IV-Another married couple (Too many on this trip) who were equally fun and still had a child like innocence working in their favor. The lady in question could never be seen NOT SMILING, and I guess the man in question fell and continues to fall in love with the lady because of the same.

V-A group of bright & young men & elegant yet funny women all of whom carved a place for themselves by digging through some of the most recognized business schools in our country, had so many stories associated with the same, that you could not stop laughing at them. Balanced individuals yet crazy in their own sense, would debate on any topic under the sun, and then make fun of each other thereafter.

VI-An elegant lady with whom I shared similar interests related to language, poetry, music, and writers. Striking a conversation was ever so easy with her, and I only took back fond memories and a thing or two that I learnt along the way.

 VII- Then there were a few that I got to know more of during the latter half of the trip but I am glad that I did. One such stud took me on a bike ride and fulfilled my ever so long dream, another young lady wants to marry a person who has an in-built swimming pool and was fond of chewing on at least 5-6 slices of lemon along with her food (Nimbooda lady I must say), another young lady who was asked if she could marry someone from within this group who would he be and she surprisingly picked me (Trust me, there were a lot of options, so someone should pat my back) , a goofy young lad that was extremely witty, was a genius when it came to answering questions on who sang a song even if it was from ages ago, and last but not the least a quiet young lady who mostly kept to herself but was also charming and elegant at the same time. 

Such versatile was this group, that there was something I learnt from each one of them, and that is why it was not a Once in a Lifetime trip, it was a trip where i met Life!!






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