One Day I May & One Day You May


Some thoughts I tend to keep to myself, but the recent incidents of Stanford & Orlando shooting combined has convinced me that such thoughts should be put out as well. My opinion may not change a thing, or maybe it changes someone’s perception.

Between this may and maybe is where my efforts would be.

Dedicated to our Stanford hero!!
(Yes a hero more than a victim who decided to fight her demons, or shall I say fight THE DEMON)

Title – One Day I May, & One Day You May

Few seconds of ignorance led me to a different direction,
It altered my power to think or act, and made me despise my own reflection,
That moment onward and my life had changed,
No one will ever understand what I went through that day.

Through my words I hope my horror is conveyed,
And you can now understand what i once knew,
My only intent is to express those feelings that I, myself went through.

Yes i was drunk beyond my limits,
Isn’t this something we all have done to live in the minute?

I fail to understand how can that be a reason for someone to escape,
Wondering if the criminal deserves his ultimate freedom, and wondering whether this is my fate.

I wanted to run away, far far away
I certainly should, and I certainly would, only if my friend I actually could,

My body covered with dust, and his mind overpowered by his lust
He kept tearing me apart with each of his thrust.

I begin to wonder, what if I was on the other side,
But then sense prevailed and I realized,

I am the one that needs to stand strong,
And tell people like me that we still belong.

I have lived through this horror,
Not just to survive,
I will now work towards,
Making mine a beautiful life.

Yes, I will have my nightmares
Yes,I continue to believe that justice wasn’t done,
I will still fight for it every step of the way,
As i see the morning each and every day.

Those 20 minutes of action,
Cannot make me despise my own reflection,
I am actually stronger today than I ever was,
I will continue to fight and continue to believe in this cause.

We are all built different, yet we all are the same,
In one way or another, we all will experience a kind of pain,

So I tell you to stand up, look up, and conquer that pain
And never ever look at the mirror with any disdain.

Let us all fly high and and keep flying higher,
Give our wings freedom to dream and inspire.

Let us all support each other, be happy and gay

So that One Day I may,
One Day You May.


(Mainstream media news, is very rarely trustworthy, but keeping my beliefs in this story, I would like to salute this HERO and let her know that she is and forever will remain an inspiration!!)

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