Because I was Gay?


In light of the recent Orlando mass shoot out, a question kept bothering me?
How can someone be so brainlessly influenced to commit a crime such as this one? We name it different things, Radical Islam, Islam Terrorism etc, whereas it isn’t either of these.

It is a brainless guy made to believe that he has a purpose in life and then trained to meet his purpose. Behind all of this, is greater greed that gets satiated through terror activities.

Whether someone is an
L or a
G or a
B or a
They belong here as much as YOU OR ME,

Title – Because I was Gay?

Hello, How was your day,
Did you see the bright morning,
Are you feeling okay?

I so wanted to live another day,
But someone shot me dead because I was GAY.

I thought I had rights to live free,
I thought I could be who I wanted to be,
Never knew that my life is at the mercy of someone,
Who could not stand me being me.

I pray now from up here in the heaven
That the hate does not continue to grow
I pray from up here in the heaven
That You have nothing but true love to show

Cause we are all the same, then why treat us different,
We live our lives the way we should,
You live yours like the way you would.

If words were enough to convey my pain,
And words were enough for you to feel what I felt,
Then let us all unite together,
To ensure no one is dealt in the same way we were dealt.

Cause freedom to life is everyone’s right,
To live the way one want’s is each individuals fight.

I hope this poem transcends you to believe
That we all should be what we are meant to be.

I so wanted to live to explain this to you today,
But someone shot me dead because I was GAY.




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