Raindrops & A Drunken Man


Get drenched in the rains,
While you deal with your pain,
Look back at what you’ve lost,
Cherish what you’ve gained.

Title – Raindrops & a Drunken Man.

And now Raindrops are falling from the sky,
And now I hear sweet nothings fly,
And now I can feel each breath sway to the tunes,
And now I can Be a Drunken man soon.

Of Dreams that know no Fear,
Of Memories that never fade and only bring cheer,
Of her sweet rumblings and a few grumbles too,
Of all the moments gone by and for all that is now and will be new
Of all that and more, I will be drunken yet keep the soul pure.

The Road ahead is masterful and long,
The whistle of a tune and an old country blues song,
The Body is Tired, yet the breeze keeps the soul moving,
The clock ticks along but the seconds just freezing.

The journey to the end must never begin,
An end to the journey should never be written,
In life, each day should bring along a new song,
Stay cheerful and happy
Keep singing along.

Life Oh Life,
I will stand by your side,
Head held high always with pride,
Keep me accompanied until death do us apart,
Then we shall together create a new start.


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