Is it about the journey, or is it about “The Getting there”

Title – Journey..

And the sky looks so clear,
And the grass is greener still,
As I explore the beastly mountains,
And climb up to the top of the hill.

And the sun shines brighter,
And it rays bring life to the trees,
As I sway to the sound of music,
And I stand tall against the breeze.

And I continue to explore,
And I continue to find me,
As I travel on the roads to be discovered,
I feel that I am free.

And I walk the next mile to see a new day,
Wanting to find, what’s next and where?
But then I stop to ask myself, which is more important,
Is it the journey?
“The getting there”

And through up’s and down’s,
And through smiles and frowns,
As life’s road wanders aimlessly?
As so it seems, but somehow
Leads us to where we are meant to be.

And upon me now is a new day,
And I believe once again in “One Day You May”
As I explore the unexplored with nature as my pair.

And realization has now dawned upon me,
As I reached destination fair,
It is the journey “That is important”
It is, NOT “The getting there”


A Thank You Note:-

Thank you for all that have been sending me e-mails and personal messages in appreciation of what they read on this blog.
Essentially, this is the underlying reason behind this blog, to bring back poetry into the lives of each one of us.Writing a poem is a very instinctive process for me. A thought troubles my mind and then I pen it into words and share the same with all of you.

As I keep saying:-
Most of what you would read on the blog are poems that are about Life, Love, Struggles, Death and everything in between.

Some of them might depress you, some of them might motivate you, some of them might make you smile, and maybe just maybe, some end up bring a tear or two in your eyes.

All is fair as long as it is able to evoke at least one of these emotions within you while you read them through, if that is achieved then I would consider it to be a good read.

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