A Woman (An Ode)


If we were to not know women in our life, where is it that we men would be,
Our life started with being in her arms,
Our love wants her to be in ours.
Let’s celebrate the existence of women,
Let her feel through you, that she is empowered.


A woman when empowered,she conquers the world,
Becomes herself, courageous and bold.
The once tamed spirit now ignited through wisdom,
She’s discovered her truth and now her dreams have persistence.

She now truly understands what it means to live,
She can ask for herself, and also knows how much to give,
She is now a stronger self with a generous heart,
And this empowered version of herself truly sets her apart.

Her beliefs now are ever so strong, as she sees everything so clearly,
She stands tall and sails against the most violent breeze,
Her vision now is to live the dreams she has been holding to herself so dearly.

The softness in her demeanor can still be felt,
And so can be the strength that her heart possess,
The once lost innocence is found again,
Even after all of the sufferings, the agony and the pain.

She goes past the bitter,and relishes the sweet memories in her life,
Battling through the adversities, healing the heartache and strife.

As an ode to women, I must say what I find to be true,
I love,
I respect,
I admire YOU!



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