We all start off in our Nappies


We all start off in our nappies, pissing around in eternal bliss without a care for anything around us, because hey, for us all that mattered was food when we needed it, sleep when we felt like it and just laze around all day.

Toddlers turn to a walking ROBOT in no time, and such fast paced is our lives in the modern era that most of us do not even have the time to look back and remember what is it that we set out to be versus what we are today.

I salute the one’s that actually know their calling, struggle, survive and succeed to realize their dream.

However this poem is for a lot of us, if not most of us that struggle to realize their true calling and with time have turned their once Toddler like lives just to struggle and survive in this day’s age and time, sometimes sacrificing either for a bigger cause, or just went on the path that LIFE took them to.

Title – One Day You May

One Day You May,
Break that Mountain,
Cross that Ocean,
Fight Like A Warrior,
But Still Love your emotions,

That day you would realize who you are,
And not be defined by your income, status or that expensive Car,

Life as you know it would not be the same,
You won’t any longer have that fortune or that fame,

But that day you will become the man who never gives up when in the ring,
Fight, survives and still continues to sing,

Because that day, OH survivor is thus not far,
You just need to move from where you are!

One Day You May !!

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