Come I May


So, I get asked a lot, how is it that you stay positive but there is so much negativity as well that is stored somewhere inside those small cells that accumulate together to form your BRAIN.

Honestly, that is part because I am a “GEMINI” and part because this is how I have understood my life to be and also observed the same through my days on Planet Earth.

It will not rain every day that you want it to, sun is not going to shine bright down on you, it is certainly not going to be all GLORY and no DEFEAT, most of the times you’ve just got to take a back seat and retreat.

Title – Come I May

Come I May,
But Go I Must,
Should see the Dawn
Till the day I see the dust.

In between this LIFE happens to stop by,
Brings along sleepless nights,
And sometimes lullaby’s.

Dreams were envisioned,
But some never came true,
Amidst moments of all hope lost,
Courage suddenly grew.

And In the end realization dawned upon me
It wasn’t me leading my life
It was my life leading me.


Come I May,
But Go I must.


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