Thoughts & Poems

A Woman (An Ode)

If we were to not know women in our life, where is it that we men would be, Our life started with being in her arms, Our love wants her to be in ours. Let’s celebrate the existence of women, Let her feel through you, that she is empowered. A WOMAN! A woman when empowered,sheRead More »

Life Somewhere..

Romancing life is the purest form of romance in my opinion. It is your journey and not many can walk alongside you. The art of walking alone lies in how you absorb all the challenges that would be thrown at you, enjoy them, conquer them, be a proud person who still has a kind soul.Read More »


Is it about the journey, or is it about “The Getting there” Title – Journey.. And the sky looks so clear, And the grass is greener still, As I explore the beastly mountains, And climb up to the top of the hill. And the sun shines brighter, And it rays bring life to the trees,Read More »

Raindrops & A Drunken Man

Get drenched in the rains, While you deal with your pain, Look back at what you’ve lost, & Cherish what you’ve gained. Title – Raindrops & a Drunken Man. And now Raindrops are falling from the sky, And now I hear sweet nothings fly, And now I can feel each breath sway to the tunes,Read More »

A Rhythm to Life!!

We all fight our battles, each day and night, sometimes to live free, sometimes just to survive. At the end of it all, what brings peace is when you have a rhythm to life, a rhythm that keeps you going, keeps you kicking and alive. Title – A Rhythm to Life. There should be aRead More »

The Road Less Taken!!

In life, many a times we just stand still because we have two roads that looks like will take us to our destination, one that is already explored and is on our SAFE LIST, and the other which is unexplored, is less traveled upon,and is an uphill route. To choose which one is each individual’sRead More »

This is how I Survive !!

In life, each day brings upon newer challengers, we fight battles sometimes against unknown enemies, our demons sometimes get the better out of us, we fall, we get hurt, we stand again and we survive. Title – This is how I Survive !! I live each day, Each night I die, This is how iRead More »

Because I was Gay?

In light of the recent Orlando mass shoot out, a question kept bothering me? How can someone be so brainlessly influenced to commit a crime such as this one? We name it different things, Radical Islam, Islam Terrorism etc, whereas it isn’t either of these. It is a brainless guy made to believe that heRead More »

One Day I May & One Day You May

Some thoughts I tend to keep to myself, but the recent incidents of Stanford & Orlando shooting combined has convinced me that such thoughts should be put out as well. My opinion may not change a thing, or maybe it changes someone’s perception. Between this may and maybe is where my efforts would be. DedicatedRead More »

Ibn Batuta

Ibn Batuta was a Medieval Moroccan Muslim traveler and scholar, who is widely recognized as one of the greatest travelers of all time. He is known for his extensive travels, accounts of which were published in the Rihla. Over a period of thirty years, Ibn Batuta visited most of the known Islamic world as well as many non-Muslim lands.Read More »


I recently traveled to places unknown with people unknown Travel was, is and will remain a huge part of my life, because experiences gained while travelling to far away lands are experiences which in difficult times tends to get me through the day. Title – Travel Travel but at your own pace Have a drinkRead More »

Come I May

So, I get asked a lot, how is it that you stay positive but there is so much negativity as well that is stored somewhere inside those small cells that accumulate together to form your BRAIN. Honestly, that is part because I am a “GEMINI” and part because this is how I have understood myRead More »

We all start off in our Nappies

We all start off in our nappies, pissing around in eternal bliss without a care for anything around us, because hey, for us all that mattered was food when we needed it, sleep when we felt like it and just laze around all day. Toddlers turn to a walking ROBOT in no time, and suchRead More »