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Is it about the journey, or is it about "The Getting there" Title - Journey.. And the sky looks so clear, And the grass is greener still, As I explore the beastly mountains, And climb up to the top of the hill. And the sun shines brighter, And it rays bring life to the trees, As I sway to the sound of music, And ...

Raindrops & A Drunken Man


Get drenched in the rains, While you deal with your pain, Look back at what you've lost, & Cherish what you've gained. Title - Raindrops & a Drunken Man. And now Raindrops are falling from the sky, And now I hear sweet nothings fly, And now I can feel each breath sway to the tunes, And now I can Be a Drunken man soon. Of ...

Because I was Gay?


In light of the recent Orlando mass shoot out, a question kept bothering me? How can someone be so brainlessly influenced to commit a crime such as this one? We name it different things, Radical Islam, Islam Terrorism etc, whereas it isn't either of these. It is a brainless guy made to believe that he has a ...